Barton Flowmeters

Barton is one of the leading flowmeter manufacturers worldwide. In connection to Barton flowmeters, our company provides one of the most accurate Barton flowmeters using top quality parts. Our company provides Barton series flowmeters word wide with fast shipping option. Feel free to contact us via the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Barton Flowmeters

Differential pressure systems often need large lengths of upstream and downstream, which adds to the overall cost of flowmeters. The Barton flowmeter has the ability to redistribute and modify the current upstream. This “conditioning” allows the use of a measure shorter and therefore reduce costs of installation. 

Low Maintenance


Barton flowmeters contains no moving parts and no original part should be replaced during the entire life of the device. The flowmeter has been built from high traceability materials, the welds are of high quality and the non-destructive techniques have been scrupulously applied during its construction. Wear is minimal on the beta edge of the cone because its edge is directed downstream of the flow, which helps to maintain permanence stable geometry for the duration of life of the Barton flowmeter. The point of accuracy is particularly verifiable on oil rigs where space and weight are two sensitive factors and where the “living space” must be optimised inside the Barton flowmeter.

Barton flowmeter

Measuring meters

Our Barton flowmeters product line complements the “System” of measuring apparatus. Expertise in depth measuring devices and the knowledge of customer requirements are our hallmark against the competition. From simple sensors to complex automation projects or commercial transaction, it has been more than 50 years since our company measured and controlled the flow and the level of oil and gas industry. Barton flowmeters represent refinement perpetual of its main know-how.

Easy mounting


Barton flowmeters has been manufactured in  factories which are all ISO certified. All equipment is audited to maximum quality standards, as well as all subcontractors and suppliers can ensure our reliability and our know-how even surpassing production standards. This philosophy is applied to all parts of the supply chain, including, but not limited to, choice and traceability of materials, welds and inspections for non-destructive techniques.